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Deployment of the
Volunteer Homeland Reserve Unit (VHRU)

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The intent of the Volunteer Homeland Reserve Unit is to offer assistance to local Law Enforcement in any major crisis situation. The following are some situations where the VHRU would be activated:

• A major attack (bombing) by Terrorists on any facility in Las Vegas, Boulder City or Laughlin. The VHRU members could be used in Police facilities and sub stations as security to free up the uniform Police Officers to respond to the scene.

• A major fire, which would require additional manpower for crowd, traffic control etc. The Volunteers could be used to assist in the evacuation of civilians in the immediate area if necessary.

• Any case involving a missing or kidnapped child. The VHRU could manage the phones to free up Officers to join in on the search for the missing child or be used to conduct grid searches and canvassing.

• Depending on the area and conditions, some VHRU members could be utilized as Search and Rescue teams to support the authorities.

• A major plane crash, to secure the perimeter allowing Uniform Officers to respond to the scene to assist injured etc. The VHRU could be used to man the telephones and respond to inquiries.

• The VHRU could be used to evacuate residents in the event of hazardous material spills, chemical contaminants etc. This would apply to a train derailment or a serious vehicular accident.

• If serious flooding occurs in the valley and residents need to be evacuated, the VHRU could assist working with local Law Enforcement.

• A major power outage where police officers are needed to protect life and property. The VHRU could be assigned to hospitals, senior citizens homes or any location the police authorities deem appropriate.

• Any other major crisis situation where the Law Enforcement authorities including Emergency Management personnel require assistance.

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